About us


FixGuard is a tool to assist the Ship Owners, Brokers, Charterers and Operators of the dry cargo chartering market in making quick and informed decisions that result, as our name implies, in safe negotiations and fixtures.

Throughout the chartering history, owners use word of mouth, verify past fixtures data and trust their channels in order to make more informed decisions prior fixing and/or during negotiations. Our mission at FixGuard is to bring all of that together and only one click away!

Who hasn't felt this knob in the stomach when a fixture goes bad? We are all aware of the time and money losses, not to mention the stress in the process.

Our team’s working experience in the dry cargo chartering sector entailed us to create FixGuard, aiming to facilitate the ‘background check’ process, minimise the risks for all the parties involved and promote fair business.

Using the service you will be able to instantly view all background and fixture list information cross-checked professionally as per the customary procedure.

It benefits all the parties involved since Owners can instantly make an informed decision, Brokers can share liability and save time while Charterers can showcase their credibility in the market.