Frequently asked questions

What is FixGuard?

FixGuard is a tool provided by shipping professionals to shipping professionals for them to use during the chartering procedure. It helps alleviate the risk in a fixture by providing instant background information prior fixing.

Who can see my profile?

Fixguard’s users are shipowners, charterers and brokers. Each party can search for and view the profiles of the other two. They cannot view a profile of a company holding similar role (ie. shipowners cannot view other shipowners).

What kind of information is provided?

Company background information for all user types, plus Shipowners’ fleet list and Charterers’ fixture list.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we are extremely serious about your data safety. We take all the necessary security measures while constantly testing our procedure.

What kind of companies are registered in FixGuard and who can I search for?

Shipping companies such as Shipowners, Charterers, Brokers and Operatorσ of the dry bulk sector. You can search for any of the other parties depending on your position.