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We assist dry bulk chartering by enabling ship owners, brokers and charterers to make instant and informed decisions while fixing.

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FixGuard provides a complete background check on a click of a button. Make an informed and accurate decision with a single FixGuard account that is free to set up.

Search for your counter-party.

Our database contains the core and complete chartering data needed for an accurate background check.

View cross-checked background.

Data is cross-checked as per the professional customary chartering procedure.

Evaluate quickly.

Make a solid decision whether to fix with your counter-party and take advantage of the dry cargo market accumulated experience.

There’s a reason why the dry bulk professionals trust FixGuard.

Safer and protected.

Keep your vessels and company safer. Decide having all facts on hand, our background check is based on all past performance data.

Faster and easier.

You are just a click away from checking your counter-party. No phone needed and no waiting-for-a-report time.

Complete & up to date.

Our database is always up to date and you are able to view and compare all previous fixtures.

One time zone.

Log in wherever you are, information is available for you on a 24/7 basis. Make business irrespective of any time difference.

Fix more.

Owners - more charterers to work with. Charterers - easily showcase your credibility. Brokers - save time & provide better service.

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Our customer support is available via email, phone or Skype so you can contact us with any questions you might have.

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